Essay on Coronavirus pandemic


The first case of COVID-19 was reported by a Chinese ophthalmologist Li Wenliang on 31 December 2019 in China Wuhan city. In start, nobody believed hIM, And he has to face jail for making a false claim. Later when the people know the truth he was free and back on work but unfortunately, he got infected when he was treating a patient. And he died on 7 February 2020. After further investigation, the Chinese authorities found that the source of this virus was a seafood market of Wuhan. Therefore they closed and isolated the market on 1 January 2020. Later on, they named this virus novel coronavirus (nCv). From 7 January 2020, the Chinese authorities start testing and start isolating the infected once. China passed information to the UN on 12 January 2020 that the infected people have been treated in Wuhan city and they have isolated the Wuhan city. The clinical symptoms reported were mainly fever and in some cases difficulty in breathing or chest problems. At the start, the government of China did not confirm that this virus can pass from human to human. And until then this virus was not reported from anywhere except Wuhan. After isolating Wuhan city China’s National Health Commission sent a group of support staff to Wuhan to overcome this situation. This group identified the public health staff who, came in contact with the infection and isolate them. And start the testing on a massive level in Wuhan city. They also disinfect the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Also, they make sure that there would be no public gatherings in order to stop this virus. The WHO was also monitoring the situation very closely and was informed by the Chinese authorities on a regular basis. As Wuhan is the hub of major domestic and international transport the WHO was monitoring the risk of the virus spreading very closely. As the first case of coronavirus reported in Thailand on 13 January 2020. At 14 January 2020 the WHO confirmed that this virus can pass from human to human mainly from friends, family or colleagues. And finally the WHO call, this virus a global pandemic. And the whole world is now facing this thread.


When and how this COVID-19 pandemic will end

Most of the highly qualified people around the world think that the only way to stop this virus from spreading is to stop human to human contact. But unfortunately, by following this method we cannot get rid of this virus as you can see that the world is now preparing to get hit from the third wave of this virus even after stopping human to human transmission so the only way now to get rid of this virus is the vaccine which is under trial and most of the scientists think that it will take at least 1 year to 18 months to develop such a vaccine(Anderson & Heesterbeek Klinkenberg & Hollingsworth,2020). But after the announcement of China in the month of April that, they have performed a successful trial on monkeys and they create a vaccine within next 3 months the people all over the world are now saying that the vaccine can be prepared within next 1 year to 8 months.

What are the current possible remedies to treat mild coronavirus patient

Anticoagulant therapy with low molecular weight heparin seems to be a good way to treat patients of novel coronavirus according to the current studies (Tang & Bai & Chen & Gong & Li & Sun, 2020).Whereas the African country Tanzania claims that have developed an oil that could cure coronavirus. And about twenty countries have contacted them to obtain this oil. Whereas China has introduced, a brown soup to cure their patients. That has cured about 85% of their patients.

How patients are screened

The coronavirus has a feature of bilateral multilobar ground-glass opacification (GGO) based on the initial CT along with a peripheral distribution. Which is mostly found in the elder population (Salehi & Abedi & Balakrishnan & Gholamrezanezhad, 2020).Whereas RNA is also a method to screen the coronavirus patients.

How people are quarantined

Most patients of coronavirus show symptoms but on the contrary, there are some other patients also who do not show any symptoms of coronavirus but these people still can infect other people. The countries all over the world are running RNA test in their population to identify the infected once and separate them from the healthy once by putting these infected once in quarantined. Where quarantined is important for infected people it’s also important for healthy people so that they won’t be infected. As we can see in Italy the people did not go to quarantined which results in a big disaster. Whereas, the WHO is also advising the people all, over the world to remain in quarantine until the vaccine is developed (Day, 2020).

How to spend quarantine life

During the quarantine all over the world, people are frustrated and facing psychological problems resulting in violence and mental trauma (Mazza & Marano & Lai & Janiri & Sani, 2020). To overcome this person should do some learning or any activity that keeps their mind positive and active. Also, technology plays a vital role in order to communicate with people all over the world to overcome loneliness in quarantine.

How to stay healthy in quarantine

Since the people go to quarantine all over the world they are facing not only unstructured timing, overeating and overweight but also unemployment which is creating a big tension in the public (Pearl,2020). To spend a healthy life in quarantine life it’s very necessary to overcome these issues. And in order to save your health, the people should structure their timing as far as possible and also follow a proper diet plan. And also follow a proper exercise daily to keep their mind positive in this frustrating situation.


The coronavirus is a virus that not only passes from human to human but it could also survive in air and ground and some other surfaces for several hours. Due to which it cannot be gone away the only solution to this is only a vaccine. As it doesn’t show any symptoms in some cases but these people could infect others. So until the vaccine is developed the only way to deal with this virus is to impose quarantine on all the people all over overeating. The scientists from all over the world were claiming a time period of 1year to 18 months to develop a vaccine but after the announcement of China in April that they have run a successful trial of the vaccine on monkeys and vaccine would be delivered in next three months the remaining world is now claiming a time period of 8 months to 1 year to develop a vaccine. The whole world is working on the treatment of corona virus-like Tanzania has claimed to developed an oil, China has claimed to develop a brown soup to deal with this virus and Japan’s company Fuji films has also claimed to develop a medicine that has cured 90% of their patients. The RNA and various other ways have been used to screen infected once.

The countries all over the world are running RNA test in their population to identify the infected once and put them in quarantine and treat them whereas under these conditions the quarantine is imposed on all people all over the world to stop the spread of this virus. During quarantine, people are facing lots of mental issues which needs to be overcome by doing some activities that could distract their mind from these issues. At the same time, people are also facing health issues due to unstructured timing, over-eating which results in overweight these problems can be solved by following a proper diet plan and proper exercise. That could lead to a healthy lifestyle in this quarantine time period. Whereas unemployment is also big issue, that is resulting in big tension among the public. At the end by following all these steps we could survive in this hard time. And hopefully, start our life after the end of this pandemic.

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