The customer support team at the platform is one of the main factors we are able to take and adjust a lot of queries, they work in shifts and our customer’s services are available 24/7. For your proper service, we have dedicated a special WhatsApp number for you (+39) 347 897 4278, this number will cater all of your queries on Emails can also be sent to

Remember and are different domains, we cannot cater your requests if you have placed an order on that domain. Dedicated customer support only from will be able to cater your requests if you have placed your order on the same domain. Customer support is designed to handle all of your requests, whether it is related to the quality of your paper or anything else. We will always provide you with the correct information. Therefore, never hesitate to contact the customer’s support team, when you are worried, even before and after placing the order. We will understand your problem and will try to solve it as soon as possible.

If you have selected our VIP program, then all of your requests will be catered ultimately with high priority. You will never have to wait again after you select and enrol in our VIP services. VIP customer support feature can be added when you are placing your order. We will also send you with SMS notifications and in order to receive that notification, please provide the correct details to our customer support team. We can also enroll you in our referral program, you will provide us with your personal details like name, phone etc. Our will make sure that you receive emails and SMS about our current discounts and special discounts just for the sake of the referral program. In order to change your personal information, You can also contact our customer support in the case.

There are various ways to pay for your order, contact our customer support if you find it difficult to pay.