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Description of Charges

The VAT is not included, it will be included in the total amount, especially for customers who are from EU countries. The above prices are provided in British pound. Customers can pay with their respective currencies as it will be automatically converted once you place your order. A VAT is not refundable. To check the prices in other countries, the currencies can be changed from the drop-down menu, a simple order form on the home page can also be used to calculate the order amount in different currencies. The prices can be changed to EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD and the rates might differ according to the European Central Bank exchange rates. The final price will be depending upon a different number of factors, deadline, quality preferred and a number of words/pages. 1 page is equal to 250 words. Extras can also be added, that might also raise the given prices.

Loyalty program

Now, we have introduced our loyalty program, that can help you save a lot of pounds. The loyalty program will be able to collect bonuses for and you will be able to use those bonuses in order to place your future orders.

How does it work?

Read the below terms and conditions;
  1. After receiving your first paper, a 10 per cent bonus will be awarded automatically
  2. If you like the paper that you have received, then you can approve it from your control panel
  3. The bonuses will be moved to your credit account
  4. Now, you will be able to freely use these bonuses to order your assignments
With our newsletter, you even save more money and more information can be taken from the bonus section.

Application and Admission Help is also available at

If you are going to apply for a college, then you can also ask for any assistance regarding that matter also. There is various kind of entry tests, and sometimes you are assigned with complex essay topics, that would be very hard for you to handle. Admission and application help will include;
  1. Application letter
  2. Admission letter
  3. Cover letter
  4. Personal statement Extras  

For VIP Customers

In order to get the VIP treatment and for attaining the top-notch customer support, your order will able conducted and treated as the VIP are being treated. It will be assigned to the best and the most experienced professionals in our company. That only costs about 15 £.

Plagiarism report

Originality report is required, when you want to make sure that your work is done from the scratch and there is nothing like the copy/pasting in it. Hence, for the given pages the plagiarism report can also be done exclusively for you;
  1. 1-5 single-spaced pages – £9.99; £2 for each additional page;
  2. 1-10 double-spaced pages – £9.99; £1 for each additional page.
  3. Editor’s Check
If you want your work to be assigned to one of our top-quality professionals then you have to select the premium service from the order form, when you are placing your order.


 The abstract is the most crucial part of the assignment, it includes the summary of all the literature, results, tests, methods, and tools used to conduct the research. It cost about 14.99 £.

Sources used in Work

 If you want to order the sources that are used in the reference page, at the end of your work, then wit would be an additional 4.99 £.

Table of contents

 It could be recognised from its name that to generate the table of contents, is very necessary, since it provides a numbered display of contents. It makes it easy for the audience to check their concerned matter while following the number of pages from the table of contents. It would cost around 9.99 £ extra.

Seasonal Occasional and Case-wise Discounts

 Again, for the best of your services, we have designed additional seasonal or occasional and casewise discounts. Some needy students who are short of some quids can also be given case-wise discounts. While we announce discounts on Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving etc.
  1. If your order is of more than 500 £, you will be provided with a discount of 5 %
  2. If your order is of more than 1000 £, then you will get a 10 % discount.
  3. Discounts are also offered through our newsletters that are exclusively sent to our clients, these discounts can be used if your order is of at least 30 £
In order to get more details, contact our customer services and support.