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Essay writing begins with the topic which is often given by your high school teacher which is where the struggle starts. Since you are entirely unfamiliar with the background of the topics therefore, it is sometimes tiring for students to write a well-structured essay. If you are given a free hand to choose the topic by yourself then it is sort of convenient and most of the students perform well by selecting the topic of their interest. If you are also struggling while selecting the right research essay topics then there is no need to worry about at all. Because you have stepped into the right place where you are fully assisted by professional essayists from United Kingdom. Our expert essay writer spends their days and night preparing high-quality essays for students of high school and university. which made them competent to come up with the unique idea of essay topic which can help you to impress your professor. All you have to do is to talk with our online chat support for any type of support and discuss your essay assignment. We will be more than happy to assist you in any informative essay topic that you require.

Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students have no luck in writing essays of their interest. Majority of the high school teacher prefers to announce single topic of essay writing for the whole class. Sometimes, there is a possibility that they offer variety for students to make a selection from, but still, that is when you are trapped under the thin limitation of your academics. that is enough to kill the creativity you got, right! but there are ways you could surpass the hurdle of writing a good essay like a pro and that’s where Buy Essay Friend UK comes in. We are your essay friend and we truly help you out in writing a good quality essay.

Best Essay Topics

When you are to decide the topic of your essay then it is imperative to select the one which is high scoring, impressive and seemingly complex in nature. You just cannot score higher by writing on friendship essay if you really want to impress your professor. You have to think about the real-life problems, global issues, economy, socio-economics matters and present something extremely impressive. The topics definitely required a deep understanding of the subject before penning down to your first word but that brings a bunch of marks in your final mark sheet. So why settle for low if you have an ability to make an educated impression among your fellows.

Most Popular Essay Topics For Students

There are several essays topics which are extremely popular and favorite of high school English teacher.

Such as the following: 

  • Essay on Education
  • Science Essay
  • Friendship Essay
  • Economics Essay
  • Technology Essay
  • Social Media
  • Computer Essay
  • Health Essay
  • Country Essay
  • Entertainment Essay
  • Business Essay
  • Arts Essay

Good Essay Topics

But these are mere domain on which you are given English essay topics. The real hurdle comes when there are some specifications given in the topic such as if you have to write an essay on the topic of Technology then you might be given a topic as:

  • Is technology making our attention span shorter?


  • How with practical quantum computers change our lives?

This is how a topic is specified by including some kind of details which seems a little bit of confusion for some students as they have to present an ideal approach while writing a research essay. You just cannot make obvious remarks on the given topic but there is a need to give you analytical understand upon given subject.

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Society: Explore the effects of social media on communication, relationships, privacy, mental health, or political movements.

  2. Climate Change and its Consequences: Examine the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to climate change, including the role of individuals, governments, and corporations.

  3. Artificial Intelligence: Discuss the benefits, risks, and ethical implications of artificial intelligence in areas such as healthcare, employment, privacy, or decision-making.

  4. Gender Equality: Analyze the progress, challenges, and ongoing issues related to achieving gender equality in various spheres of life, including education, politics, and the workplace.

  5. The Power of Language: Investigate how language shapes our perception of the world, influences social dynamics, or contributes to cultural identity.

  6. The Future of Work: Discuss the potential impact of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence on the job market, employment patterns, and skills required in the future.

  7. Mental Health Awareness: Examine the importance of mental health, the stigma surrounding it, and the need for mental health support and resources in society.

  8. The Influence of Mass Media: Analyze the role of mass media (television, newspapers, social media) in shaping public opinion, disseminating information, or perpetuating stereotypes.

  9. Globalization and its Effects: Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of globalization on economies, cultures, and individual lives, considering aspects such as trade, migration, or cultural exchange.

  10. Education Reform: Explore the challenges and potential solutions for improving the education system, addressing issues like standardized testing, technology integration, or access to quality education.

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