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Studying the law degree is full-time stress because of its high demands in the market. Lawyers are known to be people of high IQ and logical reasoning to deal with the laws and protect other people’s right, it certainly comes after investing a lot of time and effort in academics. The career of a lawyer is way broader than any other professional degrees and many students opt to envision the bigger from the rest. But the time you spend in the law college is not easy as it seems from the outside. Huge books and historical trails of knowledge isn’t enough when you got to mingle up with some bone-breaking thesis or paper writing where you are almost half-die to accomplish your project to its fullest but besides form the major research work that happens in the masters and final years of your law collages degrees; there are several kinds of essays that you are often assigned to be written. Which is a part of every college guy story and not 100% of them could achieve excellence in the domain of writing? Therefore, many prefer to compromise on grades but other strive till the virtual death of your academic life because in order to write a researched-based law essay, you have to walk an extra mile, and not just walking but keep staring around your way for the relevant reference to accommodate with your argument. Well after putting so much of your mind, there is vast majority of the students end up seeing a lower score in their assignment. It is all due to the lack of professional writing skills among students. Professors and often teachers expect students to be real professionals in the field of writing because this is the only way to judge the knowledge of a student for them.

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