At, our privacy policies have been implemented to ensure that our client’s personal information have been kept secure. All of our services and products such as; writing, software work, re-writing, proofreading includes the privacy policies. The privacy policy devised is to ensure that the use of the website and its content is protected and secure, that provides secure access to our users. Therefore, by maintaining our correct policies in place, we try to manage and to secure the personal information of our client as much as possible; these are privacy policies that have been followed by us;

Correct use of Cookies

When any of our clients visit the site, then small chunks of information about the user is stored on our servers through the web browser. Concerning the Cookies policy, the information about the users is only utilized to enhance the user experience so that they might feel like home. Therefore, it gives us a good opportunity to interact with the client in a friendly manner. Cookies also help us to analyze the traffic and tell us about the users who daily visit our site. Also, after some specified time period, your stored information at our servers is deleted after we get our statistical analysis about the users who visited our site.

Surfing and Browsing policy 

According to the browsing policy, some of our customer’s information like their IP address, their visiting time and date and some information about their operating system is also stored on our systems that is the reason. Information regarding our users mainly helps us to enhance the user experience and we always welcome the old and new users.

Information collected from the users 

When the customer visits our website, or register on our website to place an order then some of their information is stored on our servers, as we need some mandatory information about their education. This mandatory information might be regarding about the credit card, email id (if it is utilized) and the name of their country (accurate) or region. It is part of the company’s policy to collect this information from the user, the information also includes their phone number. Again, it helps us to enhance the user’s experience because the user’s information is always kept secret and is confidential. Also, the user’s information is deleted after some time.

Customer’s information utilized by us 

The collected information from the user like the phone number and the email address is to contact with the client regarding any query and to keep in touch with them, this is a part of our information collection policy. The location is utilized to devise your papers accordingly because most of the academic information is depending upon specific countries or regions and could vary accordingly. Again, it is our policy to keep your personal information secure and we never use the information of our clients for the marketing purpose also.

We keep the right to change or customize our Privacy policy  

At, we keep the right to customize or to change our privacy policy at any time or by any means and whenever it is required to make our services better and feasible for our customers. Therefore, the customer should visit our privacy policy page in order to stay in touch with ur new policies or any amended privacy policy.