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The introduction will introduce the topic, literature will provide previous and linked researches, methods will provide the tools used to investigate the research. Results and discussion will allow you to analyse and present the results of the questionnaire and some other statistical techniques. Conclusion and recommendations provide the final and conclusive remarks of the research.

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Process essays can be complex for students to write for several reasons

1. Organization: Process essays require a clear and logical structure to guide readers through a series of steps. Students need to effectively sequence the steps and ensure that each one is presented in a coherent and understandable manner. This can be challenging, especially for those who struggle with organizing their thoughts or have difficulty with transitions between ideas.

2. Clarity of Instructions: Process essays typically involve explaining how to do something or how something works. It is essential to provide clear and concise instructions that leave no room for ambiguity. Students may struggle to convey complex instructions in a simplified and easily understandable manner, which can confuse readers or result in incomplete or inaccurate explanations.

3. Technical Knowledge: Depending on the topic, process essays may require a certain level of technical knowledge or expertise. Students might need to explain intricate processes, use specific terminology, or demonstrate expertise in a particular field. Lack of familiarity with the subject matter can make it challenging to write a comprehensive and accurate process essay.

4. Research and Understanding: Writing an effective process essay often involves conducting thorough research to gather relevant information and ensure the accuracy of the steps outlined. Students may find it difficult to locate reliable sources, interpret complex information, or comprehend technical concepts. Inadequate research can lead to incomplete or inaccurate instructions, which can hinder the effectiveness of the essay.

5. Language and Communication: Writing a process essay requires the use of clear and concise language. Students need to articulate their ideas effectively, choose appropriate vocabulary, and provide accurate descriptions. Communication skills play a vital role in ensuring that readers can follow the instructions without confusion. Students who struggle with language proficiency or expression may find it challenging to write a coherent and understandable process essay.

6. Revision and Editing: Editing and revising a process essay are crucial to eliminate any errors, clarify instructions, and improve the overall quality of the writing. However, students may find it difficult to objectively evaluate their work, identify areas that need improvement, or effectively edit their essays for clarity and coherence.

To overcome these challenges, students can benefit from practicing the writing process, seeking guidance from teachers or peers, conducting thorough research, and investing time in editing and revising their work. Additionally, utilizing resources such as writing guides, sample essays, and online writing communities can provide valuable support and assistance in improving their process essay writing skills.