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Our reflective essays will be comprising an introduction part that will introduce the topic to the audience, and then some general data will be cited from authentic resources. Then some literature will be provided through the sources and these sources will also be used in the references pages as a list. Not only this, we will provide a methodology section in which all the tools will be critique and it will also provide the sample population that has to be used within the research. Discussion, conclusion and recommendations will also be provided on the critiqued reflective essay.

Reflective essays can be complex for students to write due to the following reasons

1. Self-Reflection: Reflective essays require students to introspect and examine their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This level of self-reflection can be challenging, as it requires students to delve deep into their thoughts and emotions, analyze their actions, and explore their personal growth. Some students may struggle with self-awareness or find it difficult to articulate their reflections effectively.

2. Critical Thinking: Writing a reflective essay involves critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate personal experiences. Students need to make connections between their experiences and broader concepts or theories, identify underlying assumptions or biases, and draw meaningful insights from their reflections. Developing strong critical thinking skills can take time and practice, making reflective writing challenging for students.

3. Organization and Structure: Reflective essays should have a clear structure to guide readers through the writer’s reflections. Students need to organize their thoughts and experiences in a coherent manner, ensuring a logical flow of ideas. This can be challenging for students who struggle with structuring their writing or have difficulty organizing their thoughts.

4. Emotional Engagement: Reflective essays often involve exploring and expressing emotions tied to personal experiences. Students may find it challenging to openly discuss their emotions or may struggle to find the right words to convey their feelings effectively. Expressing emotions in writing can be a vulnerable and daunting task, adding to the complexity of writing reflective essays.

5. Language and Expression: Writing a reflective essay requires students to use descriptive and expressive language to convey their experiences and reflections. Students need to communicate their thoughts and emotions effectively, using appropriate vocabulary and tone. Limited language proficiency or difficulty in expressing oneself can make it complex for students to articulate their reflections in a compelling and coherent manner.

6. Objectivity and Subjectivity Balance: Reflective essays involve a balance between subjective experiences and objective analysis. Students need to provide personal insights while also considering alternative perspectives or incorporating relevant theories or concepts. Striking this balance can be challenging for students, as they may struggle to detach themselves from their experiences or may find it difficult to incorporate theoretical frameworks effectively.

To overcome these challenges, students can engage in reflective practices such as journaling, mindfulness, or discussions with peers. They can also seek guidance from teachers or mentors to develop their critical thinking skills and improve their self-reflection abilities. Additionally, revising and editing their essays for clarity, coherence, and effective expression can enhance the quality of their reflective writing.