Essay on Data mining



“Data mining means to find out or to separate the main, important, and workable data from the bank of data where we save all the data”. OR “Data mining is the technique to recycle unnecessary, usual and less useful data into beneficial information”. It is mainly used by various companies because it helps in the development of companies and is also used in education, insurance, communication, banking, retail, and manufacturing as well. Companies and industries are developing more by using data mining software because it helps them to know what the consumer wants to use, less the cost of goods, market strategies and increase the sale.


Data mining mainly depends on important information collection, system processing, and warehousing. Data mining involves representing and analyze the bulk of data into useful and gleans patterns and trends. It is used in various works and ways such as fraud spotting, spam emails identifying database marketing and credit risk organizing, and much more.

Steps Of Data Mining Process

  • First of all the organization or companies collects data from various sources and load into their data warehouses.
  • Secondly, the organization organizes and stores the data in-house servers either in the cloud.
  • The organization gets the suggestions of different business analysts, information technology experts, and professionals, and management teams to review the data and decide how to coordinate it.
  • Then, application software forms the data by looking at the user’s choices and wants as well as incomes.
  • Last, the end-user displays the data in an “easy to share” format where everyone can understand it easily.

Data warehousing and mining software

Data mining software analyzes the engagements and patterns in data which we have stocked that what the consumer or users are requesting. let’s take an example industry is using database mining software to analyze categories of information. To further illustrate, imagine an academy wants to use data mining to acknowledge that when should offer some special offers or discounts. Then, it checks the information which it has collected and created classes based on when the students want to visit and get admissions and what they want to study.

In other cases, data miners use the bulk of information and data which is based on logical connections or look at the association and sequencing patterns to draw conclusions about the most used things or most liked things by customers and there’s behaviour.


Warehousing is an essential aspect of data mining. When industries or companies manage and store their data into one database or system then it’s called “Warehousing”. With the data of warehousing, organizations can set and spin-off the data for customer’s realization and it’s used. In other ways, analysts initialize with the data which they have and create warehousing based on those specs.

Uses of Data Mining

Data mining is used by various organizations like in education, communication, insurance, banking, manufacturing, retailing, and much more.


With the stored data views of students progress in results, educators can analyze student’s performance before they set the foot in classrooms and can develop interference to keep them on course according to there course-mates. Data Mining helps the educators to increase the achievement levels of the students and also note those who needs extra attention or classes.


In an overcrowded marketplace where the competition and competitors are so tough and the answers are in your customer’s data. Communication and multimedia companies can use analytic methods to make a large number of customer’s data, predict customer’s behaviour, and offer them highly relevant goods and campaigns.


With analysis, insurance companies can solve various problems of insurance regarding customers like threat administration, deception detection, customer deteriorates, and compliance. Organizations can use data mining to set effective prices of their products by looking at their existing consumer’s acceptance, and behaviour.


Banks are using automated algorithms for understanding their customer’s base and also doing many banking transactions in a day at the compassion of the financial system.

Data Mining can help them in financial purposes like fraud spotting, better views of the market and it’s risks,  managing compliance laws, and obligations to get optimal returns on their commerce investing.


To set a supply plan with expected demand is very important, as before the detection of issues, quality confirmation, and investment in brand equity. Manufacturers can expect to wear off production assets and perceive supervision, which can increase uptime and keep the manufacturing process on the plan.


  • Data Mining is the procedure of analyzing a bulk quantity of data and information to understand tendencies and patterns.
  • The Data Mining procedure breaks down connections and tendencies into data which is based on what the consumers are required or provide.
  • Data Mining can be used by companies for everything they need and learn about what consumers are interested in and what they want to purchase as well as spams detection or frauds etc..


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