Descriptive essay about my best friend 

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Best friend or relatives!

A best friend is a person you love more than your blood relatives and you can share each and everything with your best friend. A person who is always there for you no matter what happened always try to help you out and accept you in your thick and thin. Always gives you better pieces of advice and trying to make you an enhanced person and not everyone becomes your best friend the person whom you share your secrets. It is hard to find a best friend because you are afraid to believe in a person you sharing your secrets and believing that secrets keep with you and your best friend. Trust is the only thing that builds a relationship when you start believing in a person especially a friend he or she becomes your best friend.

Friendship is sometimes complicated!

Friendship is complicated but when it comes to a best friend it becomes simple and faithful. Nothing is hidden between best friends. Another thing that creates strong bonding between best friends is a mutual understanding in the difficult time, all you need is a person who helps you to find out the solutions of the problems and trying to make you calm. Apart from the needy stuff, things, like watching movies and doing homework together, are also one of the best things that you can do with your friends. Crime partner is a person with whom you pop up the mall balloons quietly in front of everyone try this with your best friend and fighting on popcorns.

Best friend means he and she can do anything for you!

Best friends also do their home works because we all know a friend in need is a friend indeed this will never become old. In the schools, most of the children are given a topic of a true definition of a friend or essay on friendship it shows the importance of friendship that school is teaching us. Friends do a lot of work for you nowadays, some of them are managing your social media accounts also. Capturing awful selfies together and also you have to wish your best friend with a long text message, these type of things have become the norm of today and also the most imperative part of friendship. A person who elevates you to achieve your goals is the true best friend and understands you at that time when no one even from your family can understand you.      

Travelling with friends!

 Travelling should be a mandatory part of the person’s lifestyle because through travelling you learn a lot, and if you can travel with your friends then this means that you have good friends whom you can trust anytime. Some people want to do solo travelling but its nothing better than travelling with friends. Once you start to travel with them you realize, that none of the trips that you did alone was that much worthy. Therefore, a day out with a friend at a faraway location can always be remembered and cherish and the more the friends the better the trips.

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