True definition of a friend

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Definition of true friendship and what it means to be friends with someone!

Friendship is a blessing. A true friend is someone who cares for you more than your parents. Friendship is a gift from god. Not a possession. A true friend always has your back, whatever the problem, this friend of yours is going to help you no matter what. Your best friends always keep your secrets by themselves. No one can pressure them to unfriend you, not even from Facebook. But friendship has to be bilateral, your friends should respect you and you should do the same. They should not make fun of you in front of others, that’s what makes them your true friend. But for instance, if your friend uses you and pays you to do stuff that you do not want to do, then it is not your true friend. Therefore, friendships should involve the mutual interest of both parties but not one.

Who are your best friends, recognise them easily with these qualities!

Best friends always appreciate each other and raise each other to do better in every aspect of life. A strong emotional support system is a need of every human being that’s why friends are important. I will tell you what is the true definition of friendship. I  have a best friend her name is Lilly she loves to play football. She has a pet. She is kind-hearted and loves to help others. We are together since grade five. She is the only person I trust. She helps me in completing my assignments whereas our field of study is not the same. she is anticipative for her future.  A best friend is a person you trusted the most because you both share each and everything and both have similar points of view.

IF Social media is your true friend? And what is the limit to how many friends you should have!

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