Essay on Coronavirus

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What is the coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a family of the virus, current cases of coronaviruses include Covid-19 which is a new kind that has never infected the humans before. It has also been originated from the animals, just like the other viruses from the coronavirus family. People who were initially infected were either working in seafood stores or were frequent visitors to these stores. 

What are the symptoms caused by the coronavirus?

The current symptoms caused by the coronavirus were recognized as severe pain in body, organ failure, pneumonia, and it might cause in death also. The strength of the immune system plays a pivotal role in this case because no antibiotics are of use in this case and therefore if the human’s body has the strength to fight with the virus then it can recover in other cases the body would kneel in front of the attack of the virus. 

Myths related to the coronavirus?

There are various myths about the coronavirus that has been slammed by the world health organization. It has been indicted by world health organization that in order to combat the virus, we should frequently wash or rub our hands with alcohol-based hand rub. Therefore, the hand-dryers are not effective in killing the viruses and its a myth. There is another myth that the parcels sent by china have the coronavirus, this myth has also been busted by world health organization that the parcels cannot carry the viruses since the effectiveness of the viruses dye down until the parcel reaches the other country. If ultraviolet dis-infection light can be used for killing the viruses, this is again a myth and ultraviolet lights cannot kill the viruses.

If thermal detectors are your saviors against the menace of coronavirus?

The thermal detectors can recognize who has the virus is another myth. Because it takes the virus between 2 to 10 days to develop and to completely attack the person’s body before that the virus cannot be recognized through any thermal detector. But the thermal detectors can only be used to detect a person who has higher than average temperature. There is another myth that has been created about the coronavirus as if spraying on the body with chlorine or alcohol would kill the virus. It could be noted again, that none of the sprays including the alcohol or chlorine could be able to kill the virus that has already infected the body but it could additionally harm the body since something like that can never be applied to the human body. There is another myth that indicates that human pets like animals or dogs could infect human bodies. but according to the current data, there is no case that says the fact that the human bodies were infected by their pet animals. Therefore, it is good to always wash hands after you touch your animals because that will protect you from the spread of other viruses like E-coli. 

If certain vaccines can help save you from coronavirus attack?

Also, no vaccines can protect the harm against the coronaviruses, therefore no such vaccines can be recommended in this case.  Additionally, vaccination against respiratory diseases has been effective in terms of protecting personal health. Another myth has rumored which indicates that if regularly rinsing the nose with saline could be effective in terms of combatting the coronavirus. It does not protect the people against the coronavirus but it can help recover the people from the common cold, there are some evidence of this case. Garlic use is another controversy that after eating it, the person can resolve the issue of coronavirus. Although, garlic is effective that has antimicrobial properties it cannot help the person to recover from the coronavirus.  Additionally, people also think that if they use the sesame oil on their skin, then it will block the coronavirus from entering within the body. This is another myth since the sesame oil cannot help to block any of the viruses.

If older people are affected more by the coronaviruses?

 Older people are being affected more from the coronavirus is another myth that does not hold any relative or supportive evidence since coronavirus can catch any human being irrespective of their age. Although, because of their age they are vulnerable to viruses, therefore, they are recommended to keep good hygiene. Also, there are no antibiotics that could be used in order to treat the coronavirus, but if the person is being admitted in the hospital as the case of the coronavirus then this individual can be treated with antibiotics in order to prevent other viruses that have been developed additionally as a result of the coronavirus. Last but not the least, there are currently no medicines that can assist in order to treat the coronaviruses but the world health organization has accelerated the process to develop the vaccines and medicines in order to combat the menace of the coronavirus. So stay safe, wash your hands and wear masks. If you want to order an essay on coronavirus then place an order right now.

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