Essay on US Taliban deal

To understand how the United States Electoral College process works and how it continues. An electoral college is a system of electors created by the United state constitution for electing the president and vice president after every four years. This system was established in Article II, Section 1, Clause 2, in the united state constitution. Also, In the US constitution, each state legislature decided the method by which its state’s electors are selected. Since 1964, the Electoral College consists of 538 electors because the reason of 538 electors is 100 the number of senators plus the number of representatives are 438 in congress and the fixed majority of 270 electoral votes is necessary to win the election. These 538 votes in the electoral college are not given to the people of the United States directly but are divided among the states. 

In 1961, the twenty-third Amendment, to the united state constitution which provides that the District of Columbia is authorized to the number of electors it would have if it were the least populated state in the United States. Moreover, the United State territories are not allowed to any electors as they are not considered as states. The main process of the electoral college is each state’s number of electors is equal to the total of the state’s membership in the senate and house of representatives. The process of voting in each state, it is not dependent on the populations of states no matter how much populated each state, although only have the right to start from three votes. The remaining votes are given out randomly in proportion to the population of the states, so if the state has more people, the more votes it gets. 

The electoral college is not completely calculated with the population of states. Voting process starts in early November .citizen are not voted for the president directly but they are telling their state how they want to use their electoral votes for electing the every situation it’s happened that majority wins same as in electoral college, States gives all their electoral college votes to the candidates who win a majority in their state. So, if the candidate wins the majority it does not matter how small that state is, the candidate gets all the votes to become a president and vice president. If the candidate wins enough majorities in enough state to get more than half of the electoral college votes. 

Taliban were born when the U.S had to fight soviet occupation in Afghanistan but the same Taliban turned against the united states after the 9/11. It is still a mystery why Osama bin laden started a war against the United States since the same united states was an ally of the Afghan Taliban when the Soviet was invading Afghanistan. Today the world has changed dramatically since a peace deal has been signed as the Doha accord now it depends how afghans and Taliban work on their relations so that they don’t require the United States anymore to resolve their issues.

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