Essay on climate change

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Greta the climate saviour!

A Swedish seventeen years old girl starts thinking about the planet earth, she discovered that environmental change is the reason the earth is destructed so fast. One day she decided to protest outside the Sweden parliament and escape her school in order to strike for climate change and raise the voice against the activities that harmful for the the beginning, she protests every day in school hours with the slogan in her hand School Strike for Climate. She also starts aware her follows about climate change. So, the campaign of a little girl has gained international appreciation. People from all over the world appreciate her campaign and want to become part of it. In the past year, multiple protests were held and millions of people gather to support her. She focuses on changing the lifestyle to protect the planet earth. For this reason, she becomes the world’s leader.


When Greta stand against her own parliament!

She argued to the Swedish government about the Paris agreement. Well, researcher says there’s a ninety-nine per cent chance that human activity is the reason for climate change and global warming. Modern lifestyle is the main reason behind global warming. A large number of industries are building. Let’s focus on our planet, from the Greenhouses gas to the formation of the cloud the natural processing is affected by human activities. African people die due to water shortage and hunger, Europe at this time becomes colder than artic and the temperature level continuously increasing in Asia and Africa, forests are burning in Australia. Sea levels are rising about two and a half millimetres a year. Because of rising temperature ice sheets and glaciers are melting.


Why climate change is important, and what world leaders should be worried about it!

In the future, many cities could be underwater and will disappear in the world map. It seems like the planet is already destroyed. After all this, some countries building more and more power plants that use co effects and some countries played a positive part to stop it and progress to control climate change. It’s time to recognize that climate change is already here and we are not doing anything to stop it.  As our planet change, Fire in Australia is the biggest example of global warming. Thousands of wildlife is destroyed due to the fire. In 2016 World leaders gather to exchange the idea about climate change and signed the Paris Agreement but in end, there are no appropriate decisions. People start under pressure the industries owner and politicians. Now, the world richest men amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos promises to invest $10 billion Earth Fund for climate change. Therefore, the world leaders should be worried about the menace of climate change, because it does not affect us considering a country but it affects us as a single world. World have to take collective advancements towards lowering the emissions, especially Europe, USA, UK, CHINA, since they accounted to a lot of emissions in order to develop their infrastructure. Now, these government should be especially focused, that they should stop or lower the rate of their developmental project since they are very harmful to the climate.

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