50 Best Essay Topics 2020

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Are you looking for the best essay topics for the year 2020, Here you go!

Most of the students are trying to find the best essay topics to write about, so our professional team thought why not, we provide you with what you have been looking for. Today the world has been going through various changes, one of the biggest topics that have been debated is “the climate change” or the “Global warming”.  Other topics include the circular economy, “the coronavirus” is also the most frequently debated topic because the insulin to treat the virus has not yet been created and there is a big prize that has been allocated for the person who will create the insulin to treat the virus.

In 2020 Most of the students are thinking about what topics to write about, check the list!

There are various easy essay topics that you can write about, some might be relatively technical but other’s can be easily attempted. The topics can be related to social issues, global issues, technological issues etc. Have a look at the 50 most hot essay topics for the year 2020.

  1. The coronavirus and what is being done to stop it from spreading all around the world
  2. Global warming and how can we tackle global warming as a country and individually
  3. Implications of Artificial intelligence is it true that it can take over the humans in the future
  4. Social media is impacting the younger generation in a positive or destructive manner
  5. The use of technology like smartphones and tablets in school, should they be allowed or not
  6. What if boys want to raise their hair in the school, there is no restriction for girls, why there is a restriction for boys
  7. if cancer patients should be euthanised or not, since its good to take someone out of their misery
  8. after the launch of the cyber truck of tesla, should normal cars be priced very lower as compared to the electric vehicle or should they be priced higher to avoid them since they cause global warming
  9. if organic and healthy foods and products should be priced lower as compared to junk food
  10. what should be the best time to exercise, what is the minimum time to exercise in a day and what should be a diet to lose the weight naturally
  11. should young children be educated about all the religions in the school, so that they can decide which religion to choose from, in this way they are not forced to live with their original religion, that is inherited by their parents
  12. if couples who were friends before their marriage would make a better couple as compared to those who just knew their partners for a few months before their marriage
  13. do our children need the current education system that trains every kid in the same manner, or should we raise our kid on our home to make him different than others and to do what he actually likes
  14. white-collar and blue-collar worker, if a white-collar men commits a crime, should it be more punishable as compared to the blue-collar men
  15. cyberbullying and internet crimes, should these be tried like a normal theft and burglary crimes in court or not
  16. if social media apps like WhatsApp are trying to kill the literature and the true norms of communication
  17. Humans made computers and robots to work for us, are we getting lazier and we want robots to occupy our jobs
  18. Google and Facebook respects the privacy of people, in what manner do you think
  19. if there should be international exhibitions for the graffiti since it is a unique form of art expression
  20. does the changes made in the music because of technology, is making it better or worse than the old days
  21.  should a parent be following their children on Facebook, or they should respect their privacy
  22. What should be a perfect age for a person to commence their social media account
  23. what should be the age for women to stop giving birth
  24. Parents should be given proper classes for the upbringing of their child, this should be irrespective of their age, religion, cast etc
  25. what should be the good methods to discipline a child, is time-out a good option in this case
  26. if social media is supporting the narcissistic people to grow their following
  27. child labour is permitted in some third world countries, should there be an international law that should restrict this policy
  28. if masters education is necessary to move further in your professional domain
  29. if a child who has been abused and violently treated his/her whole life, could the child become the same violent person
  30. Home-schooling is good to practise or not if parents are from a good background, can they invest enough time on their children
  31. sign language should be made mandatory for the people to learn
  32. if same-sex schools are betting than coeducation schools,
  33. if same-sex marriages should be allowed all over the world
  34. for working moms, the daycare facilities should be established at work, and if there should be separate spaces for them to feed their children
  35.  if 30 minutes of power nap or leisure time should be allowed at work even after the lunch break
  36. if a person who is living on a meat diet is not healthier as compared to a person who is living on the vegetable diet
  37. if weight and physical ability determines the water level that should be consumed by a human being on a daily basis
  38. if eastern medicines are still able to treat people effectively as compared to normal medicine
  39. if aliens are still among us in the form of the humans
  40. For women, if they wear high heels could be a bad sign for their health
  41. What is the relation between money and happiness, positive or negative
  42. if penalties should be imposed, if a person is driving and using their phone at the same time
  43. Smoking should be deemed illegal as it is a slow poison
  44. if cheerleading should be deemed as a true sport and should also be competed in Olympics
  45. if cricket as a game should be included in the Olympics
  46. if zoos are not a good way to keep animals for the entertainment of humans
  47. if by playing violent video games, you would also want to do some violence in real life
  48. Reading from books physically has become an act of the past
  49. if a child is overweight then parents should be blamed for its cause
  50. The role of women can never be changed in real life, since men are physically empowering for women


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